How Things Dream: Communication

MFG Paltrinieri / Mirko Smerdel / Tommaso Tanini (2016 - Ongoing)


“Given the resources of modern technology and planning techniques,” he warned, “it is really no great trick to transform even a country like ours into a smoothly running corporation where every detail of life is a mechanical function to be taken care of.”

Robert MacBride – The Automated State (1967)

How Things Dream is a project that imagines and explores, through the lens of soft science fiction, the possible consequences of the growing relationship between technology, free market economics and new forms of control.

Appropriating and manipulating the language and mechanisms of advertising – traditionally a tool through which dominant ideologies are transmitted and incorporated into the everyday lives of common citizens –  How Things Dream: Communication consists in the creation of a visual identity and a series of advertisements for a fictional company, AURA. Through the analysis of BIG DATA as a source of information on patterns of human behaviour, AURA helps to improve services in areas such as domotics, healthcare, security, education and governance.

Alongside experimenting with the tropes and linguistic formulas of advertisement, the AURA campaign highlights the growing use, and abuse, of BIG DATA and the connection of this phenomenon with the development of new and more subtle forms of surveillance and control.

How Things Dream: Chakras Identity Study is a series of hand coloured prints focusing on the role of chakras in Aura’s visual identity. Pointing out the growing convergence between technology, corporatism and new age spirituality, the works present the symbols assigned to each area of competence of Aura. Each symbol is the outcome of the interaction between two chakras and their specific qualities.